Godox TL-5 5in1 Multi-Holder Studio E27 Socket Tricolor Lighting Lamp Head with 60*60cm Softbox & Portable Light Stand (Full Package)

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Key Features
  • Five-Holder Tricolor Light is applicable
  • For shooting in studios or workshops
  • This light has five E27 holders to fix 5 bulbs
  • Three switches control the on-or-off of the bulbs
  • The ideal continuous lighting source
  • The safe and reliable light is easy to operate
  • You can install a softbox natural lighting effect
  • On the control panel is provided above each switch
  • Indicates the bulbs controlled by the switch

Godox TL-5 5in1 Softbox Overview

he Godox TL-5 Multi-Holder Softbox Video Light Setup is a versatile lighting solution designed for use in a variety of video production scenarios. The kit includes a TL-5 video light, a multi-holder bracket, and a softbox diffuser.

The TL-5 video light features a slim, lightweight design that makes it easy to mount on a tripod or camera rig. It has a color temperature of 5600K, which is ideal for daylight-balanced shooting, and a CRI rating of 95, which ensures accurate color reproduction.

The multi-holder bracket allows you to mount multiple lights and accessories to the TL-5 video light. It features four cold shoe mounts, a 1/4"-20 screw, and a 3/8"-16 screw, giving you plenty of options for attaching additional lights, microphones, or other accessories.

The softbox diffuser attaches to the front of the TL-5 video light, providing a soft, even light source that's ideal for portrait, product, and still life photography. The diffuser is easy to install and remove, and folds down to a compact size for easy storage and transport.

Overall, the Godox TL-5 Multi-Holder Softbox Video Light Setup is a highly versatile and portable lighting solution that's perfect for use in a wide range of video production applications.

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