While shooting outdoors, ultra-violet rays make your pictures blue. Films and CCDs behind camera lens are sensitive to ultra-violet rays (UV rays). UV rays are not visible to our eyes but when they are recorded on the CCD, the image may have a bluish look and the colour casts might thus be distorted. Also, the photographs taken with monochrome films come out hazy. Improves the clarity of your pictures and lessens unwanted haze, which is caused mostly by dust particles in the air, by eliminating Ultra Violet rays. They are also useful as protection for the front element of your lens. It is most effective for distant objects. During daylight, the particles reflect the short wavelengths of the light more than the long one.The Griffin UV 58mm UV Lens Filter effectively helps by removing the lack of sharpness, absorbing UV that causes blue cast, as well as eliminating distant haze that is caused by UV radiation. The Griffin UV 58mm UV Lens Filter is a must have for shooting in coastal and mountains areas in good weather.


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