This new dual-cargad carrier is a modern double-battery carrier with advanced and visual LCD functions. Detect the connection of the cargador and the montage of the cargador battería pruebas de nivel de carga y la carga cominza en el modo selection. The 'L'de carga lentamente, but the battery is the best cargo - which is far more time consuming. The 'H' battery is faster than you can get your cargo faster when you have a price. The integrated microchip protects the batteries from sobriety and sobriety. When the battery is fully functional and the list goes to process the data.
With our AC cable alimentation is available. We only accept the US cable of alimentation for favor, we will inform you if there is a special requirement.
Characteristics: Intelligent carrier double cargas with two batteries of light at the wrong time. Receive when the cargo, the battery needs the cargo, because it does not produce daos. LCD visualization indicates that the actual cargo dual state modes carga (faster mode for a faster cargo and faster velocity for normal carga) as an extra package in the cargo of a USB port for additional cargo disposable móviles (5 V, 2100 mAh).
CE RoHS & cumple with bs1363, circuit breaker protection
Includes: 1 x LCD dual cargador 1 x AC cable alimentation (US Plug)


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